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Rubimed Therapy

Rubimed therapy is a natural healing technique that originated in Europe. Its purpose is to test and identify unresolved emotional conflicts and energy blocks and then to resolve these blockages using a series of natural remedies that help to restore the flow of energy in the body and promote healing.


How does Rubimed Therapy Work?

Rubimed therapy works by identifying and addressing energy blocks that can arise over the course of our lives from various stresses and emotional conflicts. Energy blocks can effect our mood, emotions and energy levels and lead to disease and illness in the long term.

The Reba testing device measures the individuals energy levels as they correspond to their emotional, physical, mental and causal states of health. It can also help to determine active emotional issues and hidden causes of symptoms.

Individualized natural remedies are then used to help dissolve emotional blocks and restore the flow of energy in the body, promoting self-healing.


Is Rubimed Therapy for You?

Rubimed therapy can benefit everyone as most of us have faced emotional traumas in our life. If you are stuck in a negative pattern, feel tired, irritable, and stressed, or perhaps have a feeling of unrest after a period of stress or a large emotional trauma, Rubimed therapy may be a good treatment option for you.